3D Plan for 2018

The plan is also to  equip a bike with brand new 3D camera to create some unique souvenir and give the rider an opportunity to share this  unique experience with your friends and family,  back at home in VR, or on mobile telephone ....  .


of course the goal is more to remember the scenery , views and good moments … but hereafter is what it would look like … minus the speed !

if you are not used  to it , grab the image with your mouse and move anywhere you want in 360 degrees !


EVENT 2017 : Corsica trip

As usual the CBE trip to Corsica was a huge success, combining the return journey with a trip to the Gorges du Verdon.

Don’t forget , group bookings taken for 3 or more bikes

Book early to reserve your dates.

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a taste of it in these  videos…. the road , the weather …..the animals enjoy …..

the goats ….


the boars …..



the cows !






Motorcycles & Sidecars in Sunny Provence